Bunny Daze

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Bunnies, bunnies everywhere and so much sweet to eat ~ Whatever holiday you may celebrate at this time of year, you have to admit that all those darling, fluffy new baby animals popping up everywhere are simply too cute for words! They are cuddly, precious and smile-inducing (in even the most curmudgeonly of souls…you know it’s true, even if it’s something that will never be admitted, though I kinda doubt any real curmudgeons frequent this blog, but I digress…)

vintage bunny tumbles via lawhimsy

I mean who could not smile at something as cute as those tumbling bunnies? They are just so darn adorable! Now these, perhaps, are a wee bit nightmare-inducing…

Easter Greetings creepiness via lawhimsyThank you, creepy vintage cards from those quirky days of yore (seriously, what is with the nightmarish images that pop-up in vintage cards,photos, etc? Weirdness!). I personally prefer the overly saccharine style of image, so here you go…

thumper lady gif via lawhimsy

Hope everyone has a Hoppy Weekend!

Namaste ~ Ella

Word Nerd : Madrugada

Word Nerd Word Nerd is an on-going feature that shares and highlights unique, whimsical and sometimes forgotten or overlooked words. It’s dedicated to the logophile in us all.

Madrugada (ma-dru-ga-da) noun

Daybreak; dawn. The moment at dawn when the night meets the day.
Madrugada Word Nerd via LaWhimsy
Madrugada is a Portuguese word that translated into English means dawn or daybreak. I prefer the non-translated version since it sounds so much more magical – as magical as that precious time when the very first light of day creeps over the edge of the horizon and the night sky starts to fall away.
Daybreak by Maxfield Parrish (1922) Madrugada
The madrugada time of day is so fresh and new and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to be awake at the first flush of dawn, you can hear the birds begin their song, see the dew form along the greenery, watch the stars fade into the pinks, purples and blues of the sky and see the World as it awakes.

madrugada dancing gif via lawhimsyThe Madrugada Dance

A new day breaks upon the land, the madrugada dance shall now begin.
First a pale hint of light that quickly spins into flight -
Lavenders and muted blues that melt away the night’s dark hues.
Then a sudden burst so bright, the stars flee from it’s very sight.
Dewdrops form, the birds sing out and the welkin glows throughout.
Oh, you magic flush of day, you madrugada dance of hope sustained.
~ Ella Patrice
Madrugada ~ What a poetic and wonderful word that means the start of a new day!

Namaste ~ Ella

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Monday Mantras 6

Monday Mantras are positive words of wisdom, insight and joy to add a bit of cheer to the start of your week and any day you need a bit of a pick-me-up!MondayMantra6 via LaWhimsy

It’s simply one of those Universal truths ~ There are, and always will be, just as many reasons to be happy as there are to be unhappy. What makes the difference in life – Your Life – is which mindset you choose to have, which reasons you choose to focus on and give your energies to. Life is not easy. It’s not always sunshine and magic (trust me – my life has really been trying to drive this point home as of late!), however, even in the darkest of moments there is something that can bring you happiness, can remind you that even when the sky is overcast, the clear blue sky and sunshine are still there and will be out in full force again. Nothing is forever – but you are a constant in your own life, so focus on the good, the happy and be kind to yourself – everything will fall into place as it should, and maybe without as much misery and heartache.

Here’s to a New Week, with the focus on the many beautiful reasons to be Happy!

Namaste ~ Ella

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