Thrift Shop Fun ~ #YearOfHappy

YearofHappy Feb via LaWhimsySo this month’s #YearOfHappy challenge was to head out and find some delightful thrift-store treasures for under $10.00. Being a thrift-store maven, I readily took this challenge in hand, and on a cold Saturday I headed out with a friend for some digging. My results were a jumble of happiness – I found a huge bag full of these string ornaments, all in pale blue and white, for $1.95, a darling stuffed bunny for $2.00, this fantastic vintage bangle bracelet for $1.25, and, of course, a stack of books, the hardcover ones being $0.50 and the paperbacks being $0.25 (it was a sale day on books – and am I the only one who always channels Lisa Simpson by saying “If I don’t save them, they’ll feed them to pigs!” about the books? Yeah, I’m weird, tee-hee!). That brings me to the happy total of $7.70. Not too shabby, I’d say!

VintageBooks Graphic Design Covers via LaWhimsyLook at those colors and those patterns!

These weren’t just random buys to spend money, either. The bracelets I gave to a friend who loves them to bits and I actually have plans for the ornaments – right now they look wonderful in this basket (another thrift-find from awhile ago), but I’m considering using them for a garland or maybe as jar fillers or something of the sort. The bunny is just cute and matches two others I have and use for Spring decor (stuffed animals can be wonderful couch decor – if utilized in a chic and not schmaltzy way) and I want to read all of the soft cover books. The hard cover ones are just so awesome looking and will become photo props and decor pieces (though I’ll no doubt open them up and check out their contents at some point, because they are books, you know, hehe).

Vintage Thrifted Book Pile via LaWhimsyYeah, I really have a thing for vintage books – or any books, really. It’s practically a sickness.

So that’s this month’s #YearOfHappy challenge and here’s to next month’s!

Namaste ~ Ella

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Word Nerd: Apotheosis

Word Nerd Header 2015 by LaWhimsyWord Nerd is an on-going feature that shares and highlights unique, whimsical and sometimes forgotten or overlooked words. It’s dedicated to the logophile in us all.

Apotheosis Word Nerd via LaWhimsyApotheosis is the apex, the culmination, the absolute climax of a person, place, story. To be at the apotheosis of something is to know you’ve reached it’s highest, utmost height. It’s only natural that many, once they’ve hit an apotheosis, come crashing back down in a fast, sliding race to the end. Others manage to retain a deity-worthy spot, creating a true apotheosis status, though seeing as it’s only human nature to make mistakes, bungle things up, or simply give-in to mortality, it’s a very rare feat. I suppose it’s a sort of immortality, to reach a long-lasting sort of apotheosis. Apotheosis can also be very utilitarian in it’s use to bring a story to a head, to reach that ultimate high point in a game, a career. Apotheosis can be very rewarding, and can even result in reaching new peaks and new heights.

Apotheosis of the Rose by Joseph Stella detailApotheosis is a brilliant word, and just think, each day has it’s own unique apotheosis, each situation – we can create and recreate new apotheosis as we move along. Amazing!

Namaste ~ Ella

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Monday Mantra 47

ordinary sacred by lawhimsy

Your life is a divine, richly layered, multidimensional, exceptionally amazing experience. In your everyday ordinary existence, you perform, provide, achieve, observe. You act and react, you interact and engage. You do so many simple and complex things, many of which require seemingly little to no active thought. For example, the basic, living act of breathing is done instinctively, intuitively. Miracles, your very self being one of them, occur constantly and continuously, and the cogs and functions of day-to-day living move and twirl as though in a sort of cosmic, sacred dance. How often do you stop, take note, and realize just how utterly and soul-stirringly magnificent this is? Believe me when I say that taking a moment to just breathe and recognize the ordinary sacredness of your everyday can create such a spine-tingling sense of comfort, delight, and peace. The sacred is all around you, is in you and of you and all it takes to tap into it is a little bit of awareness and maybe just a bit of ordinary awe. Life is truly a bewildering, spectacular gift and one well worth cultivating.
Namaste ~ Ella

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