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Quiescence (qui-es-cence) noun

A state of meditative calm and quiet. Being at rest; a state of quietness; still; inactive or motionless.

quiescence word nerd via LaWhimsy

Quiescence, there is something soothing in this this word as one reads it and when saying it I feel relaxed and eased in an easy sort of way. By nature I am not a still or inactive person, however, there is a part of me that does long for that quiet, inner restful state of meditative calm, otherwise known as quiescence. 

Quintessential Quiescence gif via LaWhimsy
Naturally, in a world as chaotic and noisy (both inside our selves and out), achieving any level of quiescence can seem to be an unattainable and impracticable goal, but with a bit of practice it can be done. Quiescence is such a wonderfully tranquil state of being and a refreshing break from the bustly, crazed world that is living (not that it’s a bad thing, but sometimes…).
Quiescence Seated Girl by Moses Soyer
I like to use quiescence as a meditative word since it so easily works to say with a soft tone and breath – almost like a gentle wave or worry stone for my mind. Poetic imagery, I know, but it’s true. Try saying it and you’ll see, quiescence…pleasant, isn’t it?
quiescence reclining nude by Jeremy Lipking
May you have time for some quiescence of your own this week!
Namaste ~ Ella

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Earthday: Today and Every Day

John Muir Earth Day Quote via LaWhimsy

Earthday is a day of celebration, love and showed devotion to this wonderful, diverse and universally shared planet that we all call Home. Various activities, showcases and events take place, awareness is raised and garnered and a great deal of nature merriment occurs everywhere one looks. It’s all truly a fantastic thing! Yet, once April 22 passes by, how much of that awareness sticks? How many people live a greener, more Earth-friendly and sustainable life?

Live Life Earth Day by LaWhimsyFor me, Earth Day is truly each and every single day that I live (see a few previous Earthday posts – here and here – for further proof, tee-hee!). I strive to do what I can to care for and appreciate the land, the plant, that I consider to be the greatest gift and mother of all. I always hope that my actions may inspire and encourage others to do the same, to see that’s it’s quite easy to live green and in harmony with nature and I know many, many others who do it even better and whom I aspire to be like.

disney flower gif

Let’s all of us do what we can to make Earth Day today and every day we are alive!

Happy Earth Day!

Namaste ~ Ella


Monday Mantras 7

Monday Mantras are positive words of wisdom, insight and joy to add a bit of cheer to the start of your week and any day you need a bit of a pick-me-up!

Beauty is a light Monday Mantra via LaWhimsy

Let’s face it, we live in a society that focuses so much on the exterior beauty – one is constantly bombarded with the notion that they must be pretty, young, wrinkle, hair and pore-free. Have bouncy, shiny hair, no scars, marks or pimples on their perfectly toned, tanned skin. Be the “right” weight, wear the “right” clothes, etc. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s all a big, fat farce – a lie! Beauty, true, amazing, secret-of-life beauty comes from inside. It comes from the fires of your passions as they light up your eyes. It shines through the glow your very soul gives off when it’s surrounded by and giving love. It shows in the sounds of your voice and laughter when you are thrilled and joyous. It’s in the weightless, wondrous feeling of your very essence being given the freedom to fully BE.

Jane Eyre and Rochester Illustration by abigail larsonI believe that my beloved Jane Eyre would easily agree that true and glorious beauty does not lie without, but rather from a deeper, more pure place in the heart…I mean, many said she was not a beauty and yet, Rochester could see past that plain, poor and obscure nature others would foist upon her and see the passion and beauty that she really was.

Have a wonderful and beautiful Monday and Happy Birthday Charlotte Bronte!!

Namaste ~ Ella

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